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Le cœur à l’ouvrage depuis plus de 45 ans Le groupe COSTANTINI accompagne des projets immobiliers et de développement d’infrastructures au Luxembourg, en France (dans la Région Grand Est et en Île-de-France) et en Belgique. Notre groupe est actif dans les métiers du Génie civil […]

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MEPs accused of ‘culture war against nature’ by opposing restoration

MEPs have been accused of whipping up “a culture war against nature” after the fisheries and agriculture committees voted against the EU’s biodiversity restoration law.Last June, the European Commission revealed proposals for legally binding targets to restore wildlife on land, rivers and the sea for member states. The nature restoration law was announced alongside separate…

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Ending native forest logging in Victoria is long overdue

By the end of the year, Victoria’s trouble-plagued native forest industry will end – six years ahead of schedule. The state’s mountain ash forests and endangered wildlife will at last be safe from chainsaws. And there will be no shortage of wood – there’s more than enough plantation timber to fill the gap.Yesterday’s announcement by…

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How training dogs to chase bears might just save a

The dog is moving through the grasses of the open meadow, closely followed by bear biologist Carrie Hunt, who is observing his reactions as he sees the grizzly bear carcass for the first time. “Find it,” says Hunt, encouraging the two-month-old puppy. The puppy’s ears and tail are up as he approaches the bear cautiously,…

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Almost 400 species discovered in Greater Mekong region – in

Two hundred and ninety plants, 20 fishes, 24 amphibians, 46 reptiles and one mammal were among newly discovered in one of Asia’s biodiversity hotspots in 2021 and 2022. Many are already under threat of extinction from habitat loss, deforestation and the illegal wildlife trade. WWF is calling on governments to increase protection for these rare…

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‘Anthill tiger’: Putting one of Africa’s rarest wildcats on the

Every night, somewhere unseen across the vast, semidesert and dry savanna habitat of Southern Africa, the continent’s deadliest cat emerges to hunt. Black-footed cats (Felis nigripes) are ideally suited for nocturnal stalking: They are evolutionarily older than jungle cats and domestic cats, boast exceptional night vision and hearing, and are believed to kill more prey…

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Join The Cause: GlassesUSA, the largest online eyewear retailer, announces the launch of its limited edition Save the Tortoise Collection in honor of World Turtle Day 2023 on May 23rd. This new collection features 13 unique tortoiseshell frames, each one directly inspired by a specific tortoise facing extinction. With over 1 million pairs of tortoiseshell frames sold at…

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Huge grizzly bear is found dead and bloodied in Yellowstone

Federal officials have launched a probe after a huge grizzly bear was found dead and bloodied at Yellowstone National Park, sparking fears it had been illegally shot. Local wildlife photographer Amy Gerber found and captured images of the large bear, which was left near a highway in Wyoming on Monday. She believes the animal may…

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Breaking: New threats to grizzlies, wolves and Endangered Species Act

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Natural Resources voted in favor of six bills and resolutions that threaten to remove protections from grizzly bears and gray wolves and weaken the Endangered Species Act. This “grab bag” of danger includes: The Trust the Science Act, H.R. 764, would remove Endangered Species Act protection for…

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Why are India’s lions increasingly swapping the jungle for the

It was one morning, while walking on the beach in Gujarat, that wildlife expert Meena Venkataraman spotted a pair of paw prints. But this was no dog or fox that had visited. The footprints belonged to an Asiatic lion, the king of the jungle – and, increasingly, the beach.Once found throughout Mesopotamia, Persia and the…