The Rarest Bird In North America Could Make A Comeback

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Florida originally had eight different sparrows, living among tall grasses in dry prairies and swampy marshes from Central Florida to the Southern Everglades. Weakened by natural habitat loss from over development of Florida’s Dry Prairie Ecosystem, the song of these birds may soon go silent. As the Miami Herald reports, grasshopper sparrows are considered North…

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Wolves and brown bears among wildlife making ‘exciting’ comeback in

Wolves, brown bears and white-tailed eagles are among the top predators making a comeback across Europe, according to a major report that looks at how some wildlife is rebounding.Researchers analysed data on 50 wildlife species whose population size and geographical distribution have expanded over the past 40 years to show how effective legal protection, habitat…

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Sudden die-off of endangered sturgeon alarms Canadian biologists

When the first spindly, armour-clad carcass was spotted in the fast-flowing Nechako River in early September, Nikolaus Gantner and two colleagues scrambled out on a jet boat, braving strong currents to investigate the grim discovery.Days later, the remains of 10 others were spotted floating along a 100km stretch of the river in western Canada.In total,…

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Bird City not so bird friendly- the assault on birds

The resolution to recognize Migratory Bird Day based on local efforts to achieve “Bird City Texas” designation was approved by San Antonio City Council and passed in December 2020. The resolution states that “Migratory birds face great perils in their annual hemispheric journeys, and the chiming in of local communities to promote awareness can go…

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Buzz stops: bus shelter roofs turned into gardens for bees

Butterflies and bees are getting their own transport network as “bee bus stops” start to pop up around UK cities and across Europe. Humble bus shelter roofs are being turned into riots of colour, with the number of miniature gardens – full of pollinator-friendly flora such as wild strawberries, poppies and pansies – set to…

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Warming Waters Challenge Atlantic Salmon, Both Wild and Farmed

Whether roaming wild or enclosed in floating feedlots on the ocean, Atlantic salmon are cold-water fishes. But as the climate crisis warms the world’s oceans and waterways, cold water is becoming harder to find, which means these long-endangered fish are facing perhaps their biggest challenge yet. Atlantic salmon are anadromous, moving between freshwater and saltwater…

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Albania’s pelican colony was bouncing back

Half a dozen Dalmatian pelicans fly off as we approach the Narta lagoon, a marshland near Vlora in south-west Albania. It is a majestic sight – six elegantly soaring birds, with necks tilted back and wingspans almost matching that of an albatross. “They’re juveniles,” says Taulant Bino, head of the Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS). “They…

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Australia signs global nature pledge committing to reverse biodiversity loss

The Australian government has signed a global pledge endorsed by more than 90 countries committing them to reversing biodiversity loss by 2030.The prime minister, Anthony Albanese, announced Australia had joined the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature at an event taking place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.In a video message, he…

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Country diary: A hand lens reveals mosses’ micro-engineering

September 1962: a group of 11-year-olds armed with hand lenses, members of the school natural history club, sit around a table. The biology teacher Ken Murch, introducing us to wonders of nature that lie beyond the limits of the unaided human eye, hands us a ripe spore capsule of a moss: “Look at this, but…

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Red Wolves—Once Extinct in Wild—Howl at Sky in Beautiful, Rare

A photographer has captured incredible footage of extremely rare red wolves in North Carolina. The video, which was shot by wildlife photographer Jennifer Hadley, shows a mother wolf and her two pups howling into the sky. Red wolves are the rarest wolf species in the world with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FSW) estimating…