Winston Churchill’s ‘magnificently idiotic’ platypus quest – and more strange

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In early 1943, the second world war raged across multiple theatres. Hitler’s army had just suffered a historic defeat at Stalingrad, but U-boats still prowled the Atlantic and Britain’s resources were stretched to the limit. So it must have come as a surprise to Australian prime minister, John Curtin, when a telegram arrived from Winston…

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Weir today, gone tomorrow: work starts to free Cumbrian river

Nearly 150 years after it was built for a paper mill, work has begun to demolish a 3-metre-high weir in Cumbria as part of nationwide efforts to improve biodiversity by allowing fish and invertebrates to move more freely along the UK’s rivers.Bowston weir lies across the River Kent, an internationally important site of special scientific…

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The breeding of rainbow-hued bee-eaters along the Norfolk coast shows

Conservationists claim that the breeding of rainbow-hued bee-eaters along the Norfolk coast this summer and the rare sighting of three black-winged stilt fledglings in Yorkshire are “unmissable signs” that the environment and climate emergency has reached Britain. Following the discovery of seven European bee-eaters near Cromer by a local birder, birdwatchers are swarming to north-east…

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Horseshoe Crab With Clam Stuck to Her Claw is Rescued!

Cam Chadronet, also known as crustaceous_cam on TikTok, shared a horseshoe crab rescue. This unlucky horseshoe crab attempted to eat a clam, but instead, the clam closed down tightly on the claw. Chadronet explains that when clams are this big, they can break off the tip of the horseshoe crab’s claw. He gently removed the…

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Endangered Tasmanian devils insured against future threats

The largest ever analysis of Tasmanian devil genetics has found protected populations are as robust as wild ones, raising hopes for the endangered species’ survival. Last year a number of threatened species recovery plans were removed by the former government; now new research shows “insurance populations”—isolated from threats to prevent extinctions—could help preserve many animals.…

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Rare wild ancestors of domestic pigeon found on Scottish islands

Colonies of extremely rare and endangered birds that are the wild ancestors of domestic and feral pigeons have been found on secluded Scottish islands.Researchers have spoken of their excitement and surprise at discovering small populations of wild rock doves in places that include the Outer Hebrides.It is thought rock doves were domesticated, originally to provide…

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Purple-crowned fairy wrens may be at even greater risk as

Purple-crowned fairy wrens, a small but attractive Australian songbird, may be at even greater risk as a result of global warming, according to a study that discovered that exposure to hot and dry circumstances affects the DNA of nestlings. Unlike the more visible effects of global warming on animals, such as increased bushfire danger, habitat…

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The North Atlantic right whale is a critically endangered species

Most North Atlantic right whales that are severely injured in fishing gear entanglements die within three years, a new study led by scientists at the New England Aquarium and Duke University finds. North Atlantic right whales are a critically endangered species whose population has shrunk in recent decades. Scientists estimate fewer than 350 of the…

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US hunting lobby spent £1m on fight to delay UK

The US hunting lobby has spent £1m putting pressure on the government to delay the trophy import ban, a new report by MPs has found.Boris Johnson promised to ban the imports of these trophies three years ago, but the legislation has still not gone through parliament. Because of the delay, the Conservative MP and animal…

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Cop15: lack of political leadership leaves crucial nature summit ‘in

UN biodiversity negotiations have reached crisis point due to a lack of engagement from governments, leading NGOs have warned, three years after experts revealed that Earth’s life-support systems are collapsing.Last week, countries met in Nairobi for an extra round of talks on an agreement to halt the human-driven destruction of the natural world, with the…