Florida safari park is slammed for shooting and killing 2,000

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A 2,000-pound white rhinoceros has been shot and killed at a Florida safari park after it ‘aggressively’ escaped from its enclosure – staff claiming it could have ‘killed other animals.’ Bodycam footage in the moments after the shooting shows Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari Park general manager Jordan Munns explaining that the behavior of the rhino…

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Pink dolphins and reformed Colombian rebels turn no-go zone into

“The dolphins are more playful than us,” says Diego Cifuentes, co-founder of Villa Lilia Agroecoturistico, a community dolphin-watching project on Colombia’s Lake Nare. “If you give off good energy, they may even touch you.”Diego Cifuentes, who set up the dolphin-watching project on Lake Nare. Photograph: Dimitri SelibasCifuentes is sitting on a boat in the middle…

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Labor plan for nature repair market rehashes old proposal and

An Albanese government environment plan to encourage companies to invest in nature merely expands a Coalition proposal under Scott Morrison and is at risk of failing due to a lack of business interest, experts say.The federal government is consulting on legislation to establish a scheme to incentivise investment in nature restoration by creating tradable certificates…

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Kinder Winter Wear Einfaches An- und Ausziehen Schuhe. Nike LU

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Petition: Pressure the UK Parliament to Ban the Trading of

The UK Ivory Act and other measures have been incredibly important as elephant ivory is now almost banned around the world. Elephants are an endangered species so this was a very crucial victory for them and the people who care about them. However, poachers are now killing hippos to collect their teeth in response. Hippos…

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UK butterflies vanish from nearly half of the places they

Butterfly species have vanished from nearly half of the places where they once flew in the UK since 1976, according to a study.The distribution of 58 native species has fallen by 42% as butterflies disappear from cities, fields and woods. Those that are only found in particular habitats, such as wetlands or chalk grassland, have…

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Deforestation piles pressure on South America’s elusive Chacoan peccary

The Chacoan peccary is so elusive that scientists believed it was extinct until its “discovery” in 1975. Today, only 3,000 remain in the inhospitable forests and lagoons of the Gran Chaco region, which stretches across northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Bolivia, and comprises more than 50 different ecosystems.Micaela Camino, who works with the Indigenous Wichí…

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Très belle année 2023 !

Le Magazine en ligne Retrouvez toute l’actualité de la Seine-Saint-Denis dans votre magazine en ligne. Reportages, dossiers, portraits, agenda : posez un nouveau regard sur la Seine-Saint-Denis. Source Facebook Comments Box

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Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis

Cinq premiers collèges de Seine-Saint-Denis proposent à leurs élèves de faire connaissance avec l’Espagne, la Grèce, l’Irlande, le Danemark et l’Italie, voire de les visiter. il y a 2 semaines Source Facebook Comments Box

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A Race Against Time to Save the Most Endangered Gorillas

The Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) is the most endangered of all gorillas, with only an estimated 300 individuals remaining in the wild, the World Wildlife Fund reports. The Cross River gorilla is found only in a small area spanning the border between Nigeria and Cameroon. According to the WWF, It is here that…