Chester zoo hails birth of rare Malayan tapir as ‘important

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An endangered Malayan tapir has been born at a UK zoo, in what the zoo said was an “important moment” for conservation.The female calf, which zookeepers have named Nessa, was born weighing 9kg on Wednesday at Chester zoo, one of only two places in the country to keep tapirs, a species related to the horse…

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Marine life hit by ‘perfect storm’ as red list reveals

Illegal and unsustainable fishing, fossil fuel exploration, the climate crisis and disease are pushing marine species to the brink of extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list, with populations of dugongs, abalone shellfish and pillar coral at risk of disappearing for ever.Marine life is facing a “perfect storm” of…

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The Adorable Pine Marten Is Making a Comeback in England

A cat-sized predator known as a pine marten has started to make a comeback in the south of England after teetering on the brink of extinction. It is hoped that doing so will help restore some balance to the forests between red squirrels and grey squirrels. The good news comes after scientists found evidence pine…

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Cop15: Trudeau pledges £510m for Indigenous-led conservation projects

Justin Trudeau has urged China, Russia, Brazil and other large countries to massively expand protected areas for nature at Cop15 while putting Indigenous rights at the heart of conservation, as momentum gathers behind a controversial target to conserve 30% of Earth.On Wednesday, the Canadian prime minister committed C$800m (£510m) of funding over seven years for…

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Three ways Cop15 can help save a million species from

This time has to be different. In the history of UN biodiversity agreements, governments have never made good on targets they have set for themselves. We have all heard the dramatic warnings: the abundance of life on Earth is rapidly declining and some scientists warn of a sixth mass extinction. But real action is yet…

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Lost and found: how a jungle trek led to first

“They have a nice black eyebrow, but I especially liked the fluffy white hairs on their cheeks.” For Congolese primatologist Gaël Elie Gnondo Gobolo, seeing Bouvier’s red colobus monkey (Piliocolobus bouvieri) for the first time “was an unexpected moment, like being in a dream”.No one knew the monkey still existed in the Republic of the…

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Cop15 diary: delegates grapple with masks, snoods and meaningful action

Wednesday, 7 December Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge of C$800m (£510m) over seven years to support Indigenous-led conservation projects was preceded by a ceremony led by the First Nations Elder, Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer. It made a change from the day before when Trudeau was interrupted by Indigenous protesters at the opening ceremony. The UN…

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Rook and swift added to threatened bird species list in

The number of bird species seriously threatened in Wales has doubled in the last 20 years, with the rook, swift and greenfinch added to the red list.A report from a coalition of conservation groups places 60 species on the red list, accounting for a quarter of the species in Wales – more than ever before.The…

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Cop15 negotiators have left their homework to the last minute

All procrastinators know the feeling: an enormous task is not close to being finished, time is slipping away and the pressure to act has become impossible to ignore. But despite the mounting unease, there is still not yet enough pressure to take action, and it is unclear if there ever will be.At the Palais des…

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‘Fate of the living world’ will be decided at Cop15,

The “fate of the entire living world” will be determined at the Cop15 UN biodiversity summit, according to leading scientists.They said the gathering of the world’s nations, which began on Wednesday in Montreal, is “vastly more important than Cop27”, the recent high-profile UN climate meeting. “We say this because of the many dimensions of anthropogenic…